Improving the Health of Physician Practices and Their Patients

For Physicians

Why Membership Medicine?

Patients today have great access to health care and medical information via consistent technological advancements. They are educated and fully aware of what is happening in health care, especially within the primary care field. Hence, just as the primary care physician is aware that change is necessary for survival, your patients understand that he or she will be required to make an Out-Of-Pocket economic investment to insure quality care and greater accessibility to his or her primary care provider.


Many of your existing patients prefer a membership plan that gives him or her the same or next day appointments, more time, and a wellness/prevention program. Given recent health care regulations, access to quality care is continue to be difficult to achieve. Therefore, several of your patients will elect a membership health care model delivery of treatment for the following reasons:


  • Guarantees member's a continual interpersonal relationship with you as his or her primary care physician
  • Greater time and familiarity with your patients, providing each member a greater sense of community, comfort, and trusting affiliation
  • Access to immediate appointments
  • Direct access to after-hours service for Premium Membership Patients
  • On-line Personal Health Records
  • A portable PHR/EMR card with payment and benefit features
  • ACMG Patient Advocacy Services
  • Other program services as determined by the physician and ACMG
  • Access to a growing network of ACMG physicians when traveling
  • ACMG and ACMG Partners become an extension of your practice providing continuous, enhanced amenities
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