Advantage Care Medical Group and your physician have partnered to create a truly unique health care experience aimed at providing each member with specialized, quality care catered to your specific needs. Our focus is on guiding you through the decisions that allow you to take control of your health.

It’s a team approach that begins with unprecedented one-on-one time with your primary care physician, medical staff, and your patient care coordinator to serve as your personal health care advocates.

Throughout your health care experience, your time is used wisely and efficiently, with your health, and your schedule in mind.

Your physician and Advantage Care Medical Group's personalized health programs provide you the individual attention you need-and the services you deserve-to begin attaining the quality of life you desire.

Advantage Care Medical Group and your physician encompass a series of personalized services anticipating your needs. Everyone can appreciate a superior level of responsiveness and attention.

Advantage Care Medical Group members will receive this and much more. Membership medicine allows for a greater patient/physician relationship through improved opportunities to discuss the medical issues and concerns affecting your health. Furthermore, your own patient care coordinator is a compassionate, knowledgeable health care professional who will assist your throughout every aspect of your medical care. He or she will arrange any scheduling or referral needs, answer your questions, and expedite all other services in providing ongoing, superior treatment.

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